The Very Best Micro SD Cards For That Nintendo Switch

The Very Best Micro SD Cards For That Nintendo Switch

The Very Best Micro SD Cards For That Nintendo Switch
March 11
08:18 2017

Using the Nintendo Switch only getting 32GB of internal storage, you’ll would like to get a Micro Sdcard to supplement your digital downloads, but which would you buy? We’ve put together eight of the greatest Micro SD cards for sale to steer you within the right direction.

What Micro SD cards to look for

The Nintendo Switch supports cards as much as two terabytes and Nintendo recommends a UHS-I (Ultra High-speed) Micro SD solution for that system. Also abbreviated UHS-1, them hit minimum write speeds of 10MB/s. While UHS-3 cards are faster, which write at least of 30MB/s, the rate difference backward and forward kinds of cards is minimal with regards to booting games. From your tests, we observed a memory bottleneck. Which means that, for that Switch, you shouldn’t want to pay for the additional premium for additional costly UHS-3 cards, as it won’t improve boot occasions.

Apart from ensuring you receive a UHS-1 Micro SD solution, you need to concentrate on getting enough storage for your requirements and learn cost per gigabyte. We’ve rated the Micro SD cards accordingly within our gallery here.

Testing Methodology

To check the Micro SD cards, we downloaded The King of Fighters ‘98 onto all eight in our cards and performed a boot test to determine how quickly each card loaded the sport. As you will see within the following slides, performance across all cards is basically exactly the same.

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