Internet ‘key learning tool’, say parents

Internet ‘key learning tool’, say parents

Internet ‘key learning tool’, say parents
February 21
08:18 2017

Many parents believe the web is essential for their child’s education, studies have shown.

Research from Telewest Broadband implies that over 90 percent of oldsters with internet access repeat the Internet aids education. Additionally, it discovered that 1 / 2 of the fir,000 Online users asked think that their ISP ought to provide educational tools for example online tutorials, content, guides, reviews and links.

Consequently Telewest has launched a brand new education funnel on its kingdom Site.

This learning zone offers suggestions about homework, a dictionary, encyclopaedia and calculator, in addition to online guides concentrating on topics for example revising and exam techniques.

Telewest Broadband director of Internet Chad Raube stated: “The brand new learning zone aims to produce a positive atmosphere where both parents and children can uncover the numerous educational tools and applications available through the Web.”

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    YingHing February 28, 08:18

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