Mountain Lion: Everything you need to know in one place UPDATED

Mountain Lion: Everything you need to know in one place UPDATED

Mountain Lion: Everything you need to know in one place UPDATED
February 11
08:18 2017

Mountain Lion: Everything you need to know in one place UPDATED

OS X Mountain Lion - AppleOS X Mountain Lion - Apple 

How to get Mountain Lion for free – If you recently bought a new Mac you can get Mountain Lion for free. You lucky thing. Of course, it only costs the rest of us £13.99. The Mountain Lion update program went live, briefly so we know you will need to fill in your address details of where you bought it to get your redemption code.

There are various software updates coming. Apple has updated iWork, iPhoto, making them Mountain Lion ready. We’re also in the process of rounding up the other third party updates here: We round up the Mountain Lion ready apps and updates. 

Here’s some of the stuff we knew back before Mountain Lion launched: 

Get up to date with the features in Mountain Lion: Mountain Lion features you may have missed

Also: Apple demonstrates Mac OS X Mountain Lion with Voice Dictation, Power Nap, and Glass Dock at WWDC and Mountain Lion: What we know heading into WWDC

And: Macworld Feature: Mountain Lion where we examine everything Apple announced back in March.

There’s also Siri style dictation, of course: Siri-like Dictation coming in Mountain Lion. Will people really start talking to their Macs, we wonder.

Apple reminds users of coming shutdown – If you are a user of, Apple would like to remind you that the service’s days are numbered. As of July 31, Apple will turn off for good, and any documents you have stored there will be deconstructed into their component electrons.

iWork documents float into iCloud with update – Going forward, iClouds Documents in the Cloud feature will provide similar functionality to, albeit with a simpler workflow. Rather than having to explicitly share your documents to, you can just save your documents to iCloud where they will be available to both the iOS and Mac versions of iWork. While Documents in the Cloud has been available in the iOS versions of iWork since iOS 5, its due to come to the Mac with Mountain Lion’s release. More info here: Improved iWork file sharing coming in Mountain Lion

Also: Up close with Mountain Lion: iCloud

Mountain Lion to launch, a quarter of users see no benefit in updating software – Really? We’ll most of these are probably PC users, and they have no reason to get excited about new software…

Mountain Lion and Gatekeeper: What you need to know – Wondering whether that scary Flashback Trojan means that you need to install anti-virus software on your Mac now? Apple thinks it has security covered with Mountain Lion. We bring you advice from security experts about Mountain Lion’s Gatekeeper feature and what it will mean for you.

More on security features: Latest Mountain Lion beta ramps up security features and iOS-like automatic downloads enabled in Mountain Lion Preview

Read more about the security features here: Up close with Mountain Lion: Security

Some 64-bit Macs scuppered by Mountain Lion, Some Lion-powered Macs can’t upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion, will your Mac be able to run Mountain Lion?

Mac App Store will restrict Mountain Lion downloads – at least it appears you won’t be able to download it at all if it’s not going to run on your Mac.

Get your Mac ready for Mountain Lion – Still waiting, you could follow our advice for getting your Mac ready for the big install!

What about Facebook and Mountain Lion? Facebook sharing coming in iOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion – Maybe not straight away.

Opinion: Why Apple is making OS X more like iOS – for those of you that are fed up with Apple’s moves to make Mac OS X more like iOS… (And they don’t even call it Mac OS X anymore). This includes the introduction of features like Notifications, Reminders and Messages to the Mac.

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