Pid Gets an Easy Mode, Game Finally Accessible

Pid Gets an Easy Mode, Game Finally Accessible

Pid Gets an Easy Mode, Game Finally Accessible
November 06
08:18 2016

Pid Gets an Easy Mode, Game Finally Accessible

Pid looked like a lighthearted platformer when released, but it turned out to be a rage-fest. The game, luckily enough, has been patched today to help with some of that rage.

Pid is one of many platformers released on Steam this year, but its release was unique in that the game was deceptively hard. I went into it right after playing They Bleed Pixels and had almost as difficult of a time with Pid in some parts as I did with TBP in its entirety. Not really what I expected when I went into it.

It apparently wasn’t what other people expected either. Might and Delight, the developers of Pid, have released a patch today that makes Easy Mode available to smooth those difficulty spikes that the game is well-known for.

What’s refreshing here is that the developers have done more than tone down some of the difficulty:

In Pid’s Easy Mode we have redesigned nearly ALL levels and maybe most importantly made ALL the boss fights shorter and more simple. We have studied the reviews and playthroughs on youtube thoroughly to determine how we can create a version of the game that can be enjoyed by everyone. We have also reworked small parts of Normal Mode and the difficulty spikes that people ecountered!

This sounds like a significant overhaul just for the new mode, and it’s nice to see a developer take feedback to heart and adjust the game accordingly.

Pid can be found on Steam, and is currently $7.49 for the holiday sale.

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