Firefall: Big Upcoming Changes! 

Firefall: Big Upcoming Changes! 

Firefall: Big Upcoming Changes! 
March 19
08:18 2016

Firefall: Big Upcoming Changes! 

In the May Red 5 Development update video James Macauley (VP of Development) and Scott Youngblood (Lead Designer) announce some huge news for some of the upcoming Firefall beta patches. Perhaps the largest change is the removing of levels. Yes, you read that right.

The Firefall team has decided to remove levels from the game in favor of a more horizontal, skill focused progression. This means that you won’t feel like the most powerful character in a PvP match simply because you are the highest level anymore. Players will now take the experience points they earn and use them to unlock the abilities THEY want rather than be handed abilities as you leveled. This puts Firefall PvP more in the skill arena which should be welcome news to most players.

Also receiving updates is the equipment creation/resource gathering aspect of the game. The quality of materials will actually impact the quality of the gear you equip so now there’s a ton of motivation to find those rare materials. Finally, battleframes are being tweaked and a weight versus power mechanic will be implemented allowing for even MORE player customization. For more details check out the video!

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