Anonymous hacked Spanish Police Website

Anonymous hacked Spanish Police Website

Anonymous hacked Spanish Police Website
March 17
08:18 2016

Anonymous hacked Spanish Police Website

If details revealed by Spanish new agencies is to believed, Anonymous has hacked Spanish Police website “”, causing the site to be blocked for more than three hours.

News agencies are reporting that the website was unreachable between between 03.00 – 06.00, but officials managed to restore the website after three hours downtime.


Earlier this week, Spanish Police annouced that they had arrested three key members of Anonymous group, and the anarchist cyber-group promised that they would retaliate shortly afterwards.

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    Yuritan March 18, 08:18

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    Game1Remote March 21, 08:18

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    The subscription rates mixed with free-2-play with a awesome formula, no cash shop to make people over powered because they&1quo;ve got money. This isn&1quo;t saying there isn&1quo;t a cash shop, but it only contai1 cosmetic items.
    If you&1quo;re a fun of post-apocalyptic set games, this is the game for you. Just remember, it&1quo;s out of the normal within the MMORPG community and will take some time to get used to with the real time crafting and “location” mount, which you&1quo;ll unde1tand in the game.

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