More PS4 Pre-orders Than Xbox One

More PS4 Pre-orders Than Xbox One

More PS4 Pre-orders Than Xbox One
October 24
08:18 2015

More PS4 Pre-orders Than Xbox One

PlayStation 4 pre-orders are higher than Xbox One, going up to 150 PS4 against 30 Xbox One

We are just days away from the launch of the next-generation consoles from both gaming colossi, Microsoft and Sony, and this is something that simply can’t go unnoticed.

Gamers all over the world are waiting to get their consoles during their launch day, as pre-orders for both consoles have gone wild ever since they were enabled through big retailers such as Amazon and GameStop.

Neither Microsoft nor Sony have revealed any sort of raw data about the pre-orders they have, so we really are lacking information about which console is more popular among players; however, some information has been given out to the public through an AMA session on Reddit, where a GameStop Store manager answered questions asked by the public.

A couple of similar questions appeared, one being:

“How many PS4 perorders have you received at your store in total?”

To which, the answer wasn’t an exact number but….

“I think my store hit ~150 vs ~30 XBone. It’s a lot more than I expected but I keep seeing people reporting ~3x as many PS4 preorders as Xbox One.”

To follow-up on the idea, Reddit user silverstax asked:

“Which system has more preorders?”

And the response was pretty much a replay of the previous answer:

“PS4 by a long shot, ~150 to ~30”

But, obviously, this information wasn’t enough, soone user asked if this was centralized to this single store, or if it was something more global, and the manager replied:

“That is for my store. On avg there have been more PS4’s than XB One pre orders. some stores may have more Xb’s than PS4’s but from what I saw not by much.”

This can’t be taken as something conclusive, yet it is the most concrete information about pre-order figures on these consoles that we currently have.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 will launch on November 15 in the US, and November 22 in Europe, while the Xbox One will launch worldwide on November 22.

Which is your favorite console? Are you getting any of them?

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