Mac Users Can Now Experience Origin

Mac Users Can Now Experience Origin

Mac Users Can Now Experience Origin
October 11
08:18 2015

Mac Users Can Now Experience Origin

Origins is now available for Mac users.

Do you love paying an exorbitant amount of money on middle end hardware? Does the idea of purchasing games from a digital distribution platform that will monitor and report all internal activity on your computer make you want to open your wallet? If so, then turn on your Mac and get ready to download Origin.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Origin, it’s EA’s answer to Steam. It’s EA’s bastardized, corrupt version of Steam. Not only does its EULA violate quite a few German laws, but users have also been temporarily banned for speaking ill of Electronic Arts.

If you’re really into certain EA games, though, it might be the only way for you to play them. So, if you own a Mac and have been wanting to catch up on some of the backlog, you’re in luck now. All you have to do to play your beloved games is stick your hands in the barbed wire that is Origin.

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Guillaume Boucher-Vidal
    Guillaume Boucher-Vidal October 19, 08:18

    We’ve been in a similar situation at Nine Dots, although we never had a massive success like Forced. Can’t really call it a “minor” success with half a million sales for a fi1t project.nAnyway, they are in an uncomfortable situation to be sure, but when a group is dedicated to the project and share the company’s vision, they can endure and prevail. Tra1parency from the administration is key.nRecently our studio got the funds for our third project, but we know what it’s like to be on the verge of collapse and do everything you can to sustain the flame. I wish them success and will co1ider backing them.

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    jaredmw100 October 21, 08:18

    Yes, Tuesday when the game was patched. General bug fixes and stability issues usually aren’t announced like game balancing and exploits are when they are fixed. You must be new to MMOs.

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