Rumor: Pikachu coming to Build-A-Bear Workshop in 2016 | Pokemon

Rumor: Pikachu coming to Build-A-Bear Workshop in 2016 | Pokemon

Rumor: Pikachu coming to Build-A-Bear Workshop in 2016 | Pokemon
August 26
08:18 2015

Rumor: Pikachu coming to Build-A-Bear Workshop in 2016 | Pokemon

Build-A-Bear Workshops across the globe will soon be getting a special build-your-own Pikachu. Or are they?

Word on the street is The Pokemon Company has teamed up with Build-A-Bear Workshop to bring out a new make-your-own Pikachu plush. In 2016, Pokemon lovers in the U.S., Europe, Canada, and Australia will be able to visit their local store to pick out, stuff, and dress up a stuffed Pikachu.

Those who do decide to build their own Pikachu will get a special Pokemon TCG card as a bonus, along with the option to get a special sound chip in their Pikachu and dress it up in a cute little Poke Ball Hoodie.

Those who don’t live near a store (or simply don’t want to go to one) aren’t out of luck, as they can also order their own Pikachu on the Build-A-Bear website. Online orders also have the option of getting a Charizard costume for your new plush friend.

While I’ve heard claims that all this came from an official announcement, all I’ve been able to find are unofficial sources, so take all this with a grain of salt. Many have cited the Build-A-Bear Workshop website, but I haven’t found anything about it on there so far. (If you see something, please let me know!)

So, what do you think about all this? Would you pay to build a Pikachu, or are you happy with the prefab ones? Let us know in the comments!

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    shutnic September 04, 08:18

    runescape… the big topic… Ihave played runescape a lot myself (lvl 57) without paying. I started playing 5 yea1 ago and played for 6 months. It was still a nice game…. That was still the time, when there was the “beginne1 island” (“veteran” playe1 will know what i mean Now there is this shitty dragon quest at the beginning of the game. And when I logged on to it the last time (3 months ago) there was all this task stuff and all… dafuq? Why do they need tasks. It worked out fine before!! And by playing without being a member, you have like 2% of the whole game open to you. For the rest you have to pay. So why is it on number one? Try WOW! It&1quo;s free up to lvl 20! Or adventure quest worlds (! It&1quo;s free and it&1quo;s much better than runescape! You can use about 80%of the content without paying and it is a lot more fun (you can even change classes (there are about 40 different classes)). I&1quo;m just saying, that aqw is not so fixed on making money than runescape

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