Microsoft looking for iOS expert to work on Outlook

Microsoft looking for iOS expert to work on Outlook

Microsoft looking for iOS expert to work on Outlook
July 01
08:18 2015

Microsoft looking for iOS expert to work on Outlook

A job listing has been posted on Microsoft-Careers, suggesting that the company is at work on an iOS version of Outlook.

The job search is for an employee to join the Outlook Test team to work on “Microsoft’s next move on the Mac and on iOS”, notes 9to5Mac. The posting has led to speculation that Miscoroft is working on iOS versions of the Office apps. 

Fuelling rumours further, an image released in May, supposedly of the program, shows what is though to be an early build of the Office software on an iPad being demoed by an employee, as seen on The Daily. 

As well as the listing for someone to work on Outlook there is also a request for someone to work on Powerpoint, again noting Mac and iOS. 

However, the request for those with experience with Mac and OS X development technologies may be for the existing Microsoft iOS apps, such as SkyDrive and OneNote, not new Office ones. 

Microsoft also confirmed to Macworld that Office for Mac licenses will count as part of an Office 365 Home Premium subscription, making it possible to access your Office documents in the cloud. This means that it will be possible to access Office documents on an iPad, perhaps making specific iOS software unnecessary. 

It has also been suggested that Micrsoft will be reluctant to make an iOS version of Office when its focus is on its own Surface tablets.


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