MWSF: Apple CEO delivers new products for 2005

MWSF: Apple CEO delivers new products for 2005

MWSF: Apple CEO delivers new products for 2005
April 20
08:18 2015

MWSF: Apple CEO delivers new products for 2005

Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced new products at Macworld Expo San Francisco, what follows is a summary – full details will be added to Macworld UK as available.

The company has also made a QuickTime feed of the keynote speech available online – hours before the anticipated 2am time announced by the company to UK Mac users yesterday.

He has introduced Final Cut Express HD – a revamped version of the application, now bundled with LiveType and Soundtrack, available February. It costs £199, upgrades cost £65.

iLife 05 offers enhancements across the suite, with HD and MPEG-4 support introduced to iMovie and a range of new iPhoto features, including new views, editing tools and a histogram. iDVD benefits from 15 new themes, one step DVD creation and support for all writeable DVD formats in drives supporting these. Finally, GarageBand now offers eight-track vocal recording, a Voice Transformer and music notation capabilities.

iLife 05 ships later this month and costs £49. It’s available for free with all new Macs.

iWork confirmed

Apple also confirmed a brand new product – iWork, £49 – a revamped version of now long-in-the-tooth productivity application, AppleWorks. This includes Keynote 2 and a new application, Pages. The latter is a word processor with an attractive Keynote-like interface. iWork ships in January.

The headless Mac – Mac Mini

Apple’s new Mac Mini is a three-inch tall cube, similar in looks to a power adapter. It supports DVI and VGA and the entry-level Mac mini costs just £339.

£339 buys a 1.25GHz G4 Mini Mac with a 40GB hard drive, while £399 buys a 1.42GHz Mini Mac with an 80GB drive. Ships on January 22.

This tiny device also delivers a CD-RW/DVD-ROM Combo drive, USB 2.0 and FireWire 400.

iTunes and iPod

iTunes has sold over 230 million songs since launch and retains 70 per cent of the online music market. Apple has also sold one million pre-paid iTunes gift certificates.

Jobs announced that the ten millionth iPod rolled off the production line on December 16, and showed it to the crowd. Confirming analyst’s estimates, Jobs said 4.5 million iPods were sold in the last quarter (October to December). Apple sold 8.2 million iPods in 2004.

He also revealed that Apple’s flagship London own-brand retail store on Regent Street has become Apple’s second biggest-grossing location.

Motorola’s iTunes-capable mobile phone will ship this spring and Apple’s leader revealed a slew of currently US-only alliances with leading car makers to bring ‘iPod Inside’ the best vehicles around.

Introducing iPod Shuffle

Confirming months of speculation, Apple has introduced the flash-memory-based iPod Shuffle, part of Apple’s bid to grab part of the flash-based music player market. It’s a tiny device that fits in the palm of a hand.

Like the iPod and iPod mini, iPod Shuffle plays songs, but in shuffle mode – randomly going through tracks. It has a tiny click wheel and is almost as small as an iPod remote control. It has no display, weighs one ounce, but has standard play/pause/forward/back/volume controls, and will shuffle through Playlists. For PC and Mac, battery life is 12 hours.

iPod Shuffle is available now in the US, two models are available: the 512MB model costs £69 and holds a claimed 120 songs, while the 1GB device costs £99 and holds 240 tunes.

Jobs revealed that Apple’s iPod has doubled its share of the music player market across flash and hard drive based devices, seizing 65 per cent. Flash-based devices account for just 29 per cent (from 63 per cent a year ago).

Jobs finished the keynote with an apology to Apple employee’s families. He said: “We couldn’t do these things without you, we know you want to see us more”. The surprise thank you came a month after the family of an Apple employee at the Cupertino office staged a protest in the staff carpark, complaining about the number of hours that employee was required to work in the run up to Christmas.

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