Pizza? Xbox Has an App for That

Pizza? Xbox Has an App for That

Pizza?  Xbox Has an App for That
January 19
08:18 2015

Pizza? Xbox Has an App for That

Pizza Hut is about to get an app for Xbox 360 to allow players to order pizza through their consoles. Millions will never see daylight again.

I cannot believe it actually took this long for this to happen, frankly.  With all the jokes and stereotypes about video gamers being basement-dwelling light-sensitive goblins it would only make sense for the various online gaming systems to make it possible for them to order food. Now on Xbox 360, gamers can do exactly that, and they cannot just order food–they can order Pizza Hut.

The Pizza Hut app will be available starting today, and is viewed by the pizza company as a logical extension of their online ordering service.  It has been possible to order Pizza Hut online since way back in 1994 (making online pizza older than many modern gamers, what a horrifying thought) and the service was expanded out into the wider digital landscape with apps as the technology became available.

While some people are skeptical that an Xbox app is actually necessary or likely to result in any real increase in sales, as a gamer I can attest that having a new way of ordering pizza is never a bad thing.  The important capability this app provides is the ability to order without meaningfully interrupting the gaming a person is in the middle of, and that is not something so easily quantified.

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