Final Fantasy XV: Dawn of a New Trailer | Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV: Dawn of a New Trailer | Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV: Dawn of a New Trailer | Final Fantasy XV
August 30
08:18 2014

Final Fantasy XV: Dawn of a New Trailer | Final Fantasy XV


Final Fantasy XV’s Dawn Trailer gives greater insight to the plot of Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is the title of a game we heard about nine years ago during the E3 back in May 2006. Since then we have been teased and tantilized with information concerning the game. Square Enix has constantly been keeping us on the edge of our seats. Even the demo gives a small taunting taste as to what the actual game is like. We have only been spoon fed small bits and pieces. Well, time to celebrate Final Fantasy XV fans for once again we get another spoonful of Final Fantasy XV with this new trailer.

Square Enix did release a synopsis concerning Final Fantasy XV’s plot two years ago. 

The plot concerns the Young Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum, who is the prince of Lucis. Lucis is a city state that has the last remaining crystal on the planet. The Kingdom Lucis had just opened up peace negotiations with Niflheim, but before the negotiations start, Niflheim invades Lucis and steals away the sacred crystal. This causes Noctis to venture out in search of reclaiming the crystal while being accompanied by his friends Ignis Scienta, Prompto Argentum, and Cor Leonis.

Despite knowing this synopsis, only vague hints to the story of Final Fantasy XV have been shown in previous trailers. The Dawn Trailer is a story based trailer that seems to be setting up the very beginning of the Final Fantasy XV plot. 

The Dawn Trailer starts off with a caption that states “Fate would fall to the Father and Son of Lucis.” This caption suggests that Noctis’s father may end up playing a large role within the story itself.

The next segment of the trailer shows Noctis’s betrothed and main female lead of Final Fantasy XV Lunafreya Nox Fleuret. She is being pushed down to the ground by a shadow of a man. The next images we see are of a dog interweaving between a series of cars as well as enemy soilders of the game checking through the windows of each car. This segment is than followed by a caption stating, “The Father could but hold him and mourn his destiny.” This expresses that Noctis has a dark destiny awaiting him.

The last bit of the Dawn trailer shows a young Noctis sharing what seems to be a moment of peace with his father as they stand outside in the rain. Noctis is fast asleep in his Father’s arms as Noctis’s Father seems to wear a sad smile.

Noctis’s Father whispers into Noctis’s ear, “I will be with you always.” The fact that Noctis is young in this segment along with the caption right before it saying, “The Father could but hold him and mourn his destiny.” This shows that Noctis’s Father knows something about Noctis’s destiny. After stating how he will always be by his son’s side, Noctis’s Father looks up at the sky and silently cries. 

The Dawn trailer ends with a caption saying, “The son rises- the dawn of a new king.” Which leads us to believe that the game’s entire story could possibly be the events that lead up to Noctis eventually becoming King.

The Dawn trailer seems to focus on mainly the two leads in Final Fantasy XV,  Noctis Lucis Caelum and Lunafreya Nox Fleuret. It shows them both as young children which allows us to see the difference between their two worlds. It seems like Lunafreya is raised in a strict cold enviroment while Noctis is raised in a warm enviroment. However, the exact connection between the two characters has yet to be made clear.

The trailer ends with where Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae begins, which is with the ringing of a cellphone.

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