I'm Stepping Down as Editor-in-Chief 

I'm Stepping Down as Editor-in-Chief 

I'm Stepping Down as Editor-in-Chief 
May 21
08:18 2014

I’m Stepping Down as Editor-in-Chief 


Yes, amidst all the exciting news regarding the website’s latest improvements and the return of one of MMOBomb’s most beloved editors, I’ll be taking this opportunity to relinquish my post as Editor-in-Chief in order to pursue a new opportunity in the gaming industry. In my place, Michael “Magicman” Byrne will be stepping up to the plate, once more, as MMOBomb’s Editor-in-Chief.

Inevitably, when someone writes a post like this there’s always a flurry of speculation as to why exactly that person is leaving. In order to prevent that, I will say that absolutely nothing bad has happened behind the scenes here and in fact, I was the one who felt it was time for me to move on. For the last 2+ years I have lived, breathed, and dreamed MMOBomb. During that time, I’ve had some of the best experiences anyone could ever ask for, while interacting with some of the best staff and community members anyone could have asked for. In fact, technically, I’m not leaving at all. I’ll still be a part of the video team, where I will continue to produce First Looks from time to time; covering some of the latest Free-to-Play games out there.

Running a gaming website is a two-way street. You cannot succeed without listening to your viewers, and I’ve always made it a point to read all of your comments from our forums, Youtube, Twitter, email and news posts. Both MMOBomb and myself would not be where we are today without your passionate input, and I thank you for that.

As for what I’ll be doing next, you can find me over at, where I’ll be taking up the position of Community Manager on the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge. That means I’ll be interacting on a daily basis with gamers like you, on a project I know many of you are already looking forward to. For obvious reasons, I won’t be doing First Looks for games.

In the meantime, feel free to catch me around on MMOBomb’s forums or through my Twitter @Spunkify.

Until next time,

Spunkify out, later guys.


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Alejandro A.
    Alejandro A. May 30, 08:18

    You guys are all missing the point… This game was crowd funded by people. Including wii u owne1.. That’s where the majority of the frustration is at.. It’s not a typical 3rd party situation. The Wii U ve1ion and the PC ve1ion were in development b4 ps4 and XB1. The studio has been hyping the Wii U ve1ion saying things like graphically it has no equal on the wii u and that it keeps the core gameplay from the other ve1io1. People are just disappointed and perplexed as to why it’s being delayed.

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