Apple adds Switchers’ tales

Apple adds Switchers’ tales

Apple adds Switchers’ tales
February 15
08:18 2014

Apple adds Switchers’ tales

Apple has published another collection of stories from real-life Windows to Mac “Switchers”.

These includes the story of a 90-year old grandfather making the move who uses his new Power Mac with an iPod to rip big-band CDs.

Another story comes from a PC technician. “I was a Windows zealot,” he writes. The technician got a job working for a local school district that only used Macs. He had to become a Mac technician, which was hard for him, he reveals: “I did the training in secret. I knew I had to resist the Mac, because I would be an outcast if my friends found out.” He was impressed by the efficiency of the platform. “I could support the entire district alone. It would take at least 15 people to do it in the PC world,” he wrote.

Another story comes from a US teacher working in Japan. The teacher originally acquired a Sony Vaio to create materials for their class, but it kept freezing and all its help documentation was in Japanese. Later, the teacher bought an iBook, and “never regretted it”.

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    KVKVaa February 16, 08:18

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