Euro e-commerce hopes ‘bloated’

Euro e-commerce hopes ‘bloated’

Euro e-commerce hopes ‘bloated’
January 15
08:18 2014

Euro e-commerce hopes ‘bloated’

Burgeoning e-commerce expectations in Europe are divorced from reality, research shows.

The revelation came with the second eCom Index from CMG – a communications technology services group. CMG researchers interviewed managers of 250 firms in the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands – 80 per cent of who expect e-commerce to grow strongly over the coming year.

But the report says these expectations are “hugely divorced from reality”. Only a small number of companies is recording more than one per cent of revenue through e-commerce – and the index for e-commerce activity is down by 30 per cent since June 1999.

The first two eCom surveys, conducted in June and November 1999, saw a smaller number of firms expecting e-commerce growth – 62 per cent and 72 per cent respectively.

According to the survey, the amount of e-commerce activity declined “significantly” during the winter months, with British and Dutch firms hardest hit.

The survey quizzed companies from banking, insurance, utilities, telecoms, retail and transport and logistics.

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    SneezE January 18, 08:18

    this isnt that kind of site man……

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    LunarPeter January 19, 08:18

    I&1quo;m lucky to not have been in the spotlight (yet). I hope after reading this article that I am better prepared for any negative comments that lay ahead in my future. The article really brings the issue to light in an unbiased and informative matter. Great read.

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    Engi3Piece January 22, 08:18

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