Rumor: Nvidia’s next device to be an Android/PC hybrid?

Rumor: Nvidia’s next device to be an Android/PC hybrid?

December 08
08:18 2013

Rumor: Nvidia’s next device to be an Android/PC hybrid?

Nvidia has become a player in direct hardware over the past few years with the Shield, a handheld device you can use to play your favorite games through a Steam account. With its next big gadget, the company could be planning a “best of both worlds” device that lets you play both PC and Android games.

The BBC reports that the device will have a similar set-up to the shield, but will be able to run mobile and Android apps on its own, as well as PC games through connection with an Nvidia GeForce graphics processing unit. With this device, gamers can stream their favorite PC hits to a television, via an HDMI-out port.

The unit, however, will come with a “budget-priced separate controller,” rather than one that comes firmly attached. This could very well be the “Shield Tablet” that’s been rumored for months now.

There’s no official word from Nvidia yet, but the company is set to launch an “awesome new gaming product” soon. Be sure to check back for official details.

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    I want to check Prismata because it looks really creative and interesting

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    dude im leaving at 7:30 AM!

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    Beautiful story. Shows exactly what gaming should and could be.

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